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Project description

In order to achieve the objectives of the program, monitoring systems are planned to organize national and regional monitoring of the rate of infestation of fruit flies and launch, as soon as necessary, warnings triggering rapid reactions ; To coordinate and support control actions at three levels (preventive, intensive and integral); And strengthening the capacity of national public and private bodies. Applied research will also be supported to develop improved techniques and facilitate the transfer of these to the national level.

Project's goals

The aim of the project is to improve the incomes of fruit and vegetable producers, particularly small producers, to contribute to food security in the subregion and to poverty reduction.

The project will:

  • Increase the volume of fruit free from infestations on local markets;
  • To control the loss of fruits and vegetables due to infestation by fruit flies so that they no longer constitute a constraint on exports.
  • To put in place organizational structures and structures to control pest risks.
  • To strengthen ECOWAS in its steering role of sectoral policy.

Expected results

The impacts will be as much technical (trained staff, new methods of control, valorisation of research results and national programs), socio-economic (increase and diversification of income of producers, security of exports, Of the structures and credibility of the origin "West Africa").

  • Increase fruit exports to Europe by 50%.

  • Increase the availability of fruit in the markets.

  • Transpose the developed devices to other channels than that of the mango.

Financial support

EU: € 17 million
AFD: € 1.5 million
ECOWAS: 1.5 million euros
Member States: EUR 3.5 million

This project is co-financed by the European Union to the tune of € 17 million from the PIR - Xth EDF funds and the French Development Agency for € 1.5 million. The views expressed in this document should in no way be taken as reflecting the official position of the European Union or the AFD